Facial Contouring


Facial Contouring

Welcome to our premier facial contouring service at Mejor Vida Medical Spa. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty through safe and effective contouring procedures. Whether you’re looking to achieve more defined cheekbones, a slimmer jawline, or a more youthful appearance, our facial contouring services can help you achieve your goals.


What Is
Facial Contouring?

Facial contouring is a cosmetic procedure, or combination of procedures, designed to enhance and redefine the natural contours of the face, creating a more balanced and desired appearance.
At Mejor Vida, we offer a variety of non-surgical techniques aimed at addressing issues such as sagging skin, volume loss, or unwanted fat deposits in specific areas of the face. By strategically adding or subtracting volume, relaxing muscles, or lifting sagging skin, facial contouring can help individuals achieve a more youthful, sculpted, and aesthetically pleasing look.


Our Facial
Contouring Services

At Mejor Vida Medical Spa, we take pride in offering a comprehensive array of facial contouring services that cater to your unique desires and needs. Our skilled team of professionals is committed to helping you achieve your ideal facial appearance, enhancing your natural beauty while ensuring your comfort and safety. Our services include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facial contouring can target various areas, including the cheeks, jawline, chin, and lips. It can be used to lift sagging skin, add volume to hollow areas, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The specific areas to be treated will depend on your individual goals and concerns. If you have any questions about the areas you’re looking to get contoured, contact our team today! We’ll be happy to address any questions and provide you with a recommendation that targets your areas of concern.

Facial contouring procedures performed by trained professionals in a medical spa, like those at Mejor Vida Medical Spa, are generally safe.

However, like any medical or cosmetic procedure, there can be potential side effects, such as temporary swelling, bruising, or redness at the injection site. These effects typically resolve within a few days. When any of our procedures are booked, our medical aestheticians will go through side effects, address any concerns you have, and offer recovery or post-procedure information.

Since facial contouring can encompass one or multiple cosmetic procedures, the duration of results can vary depending on the type of treatment and the individual. Dermal fillers typically provide results that last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the type used, while Botox results may last around 3-6 months. Depending on the appearance you’re looking for, booking regular maintenance appointments can also help extend the longevity of your results.

Most people who are in good health and have realistic expectations for the outcome can be suitable candidates for dermal fillers, botox, thread lifts, or other facial contouring procedures. However, the best way to determine your eligibility is through a consultation with a qualified provider who can assess your specific needs and goals.

At Mejor Vida Medical Spa, we will be happy to discuss your unique circumstances, expectations, and potential risks before undergoing any facial contouring procedures. Book your free consultation today!

The kind of filler used, the treated region, and individual metabolism are some of the key things that can affect how long dermal filler results last. Generally speaking, hyaluronic acid fillers can last between 6 and 18 months. Results from other fillers, including poly-L-lactic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite, may last up to two years or longer. Depending on the look you want to achieve with dermal fillers, this may dictate which option you want to go with. As always, our expert medical aestheticians will be able to recommend a dermal filler procedure that works best for you and your skin concerns. Book a free consultation today!