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Our Process

At Mejor Vida, we know what works for one individual may not work for another – a “one size fits all” approach simply does not work. This is why we have developed a more clinical approach to our treatment process that is backed by science, and back by evidence.

Using a professional skin analysis device, we can get a true understanding of what is going on with your skin, not just on the surface, but also what we can’t see in the below the skins surface. As we progress through treatments, we constantly re-assess and analyze the skin before and after every treatment to ensure your skin health is indeed improving as desired. This process allows us to quickly adapt and customize treatments based on how your skin responds, and this is also how we can so confidently guarantee results!

We are committed to transparency and education throughout our treatment process. After your consultation, and as you begin your treatment plan, you will feel informed and comfortable that your treatments – and our team – are truly working for you!


We start by truly listening to your skincare concerns, expectations, boundaries, and your desired results. Our #1 goal is to understand your unique wants and needs.


After an in-depth discussion, we will then conduct a comprehensive 8-point skin analysis. The device we have allows us to not only see the skins’ surface more clearly, but also allows us to see the deeper layers of skin – what we cannot see with our naked eye!


Based on your unique wants and needs, and the current condition of your skin, we will formulate a custom treatment plan just for you. Of course, we will also take the time to explain the science behind our treatment plan in detail, answer all of your questions, and go over all options for pricing. When you leave the consultation, you will have all the information to make a confident decision!


As we begin treatments, we will explain he entire treatment process as we go through the treatment so you feel comfortable and informed. All our treatments include electronic pre- and post-treatment care instructions, as well as any at-home care products required for after-care.


As we complete each treatment, we will measure progress in your skin health with our skin analysis device. If we are not seeing the progress we are expecting after each treatment, we can very quickly adjust our treatment plan to more effectively target your skin concerns as we learn how your skin reacts (or doesn’t react) to each treatment! Conducting a full 8-point skin analysis before every treatment may seem like overkill, but this is how we can confidently guarantee our results!