Plasma Tight – Body


Tighten loose skin 33% on average in a single treatment; reduce the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and surgical scars; overall rejuvenated and more youthful skin.

  • Targets: Almost anywhere on the body with visibly loose skin, including the stomach, thighs, arms, and more.
  • Pain Level: Mild
  • Downtime: 7-14 days
  • Recommended Treatments: 1-2, spaced 3 months apart.
  • Results Last: Up to 5 years, average 3 years.
  • Skin Types: All, skin types IV-VI require specialized pre-treatment skincare.


Our Signature Plasma Tight offer a natural and non-invasive treatment option for mild to moderate skin tightening, and for the treatment of surgical scars and stretch marks on the body.

Specifically, our Plasma Tight body treatments are designed to tighten, smooth, and reduce the appearance of loose, skin, scars and stretch marks on the arms, breasts, stomach, thighs, and more. With each treatment, a 33% correction (on average) can be achieved. For more dramatic skin tightening, up to 2 treatments can be required space 3 month apart.

What’s Included?

  • Plasma Tight Body treatments include one area of the body with each treatment including stomach, thighs, buttocks, breasts, or arms. If you have any other area of concern, please contact us to discuss further as we routinely customize treatments for our clients.

Upon purchasing, please contact our clinic directly to schedule your appointment and receive all pre- and post-treatment care in advance.


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